Why Is Griffintown a Unique Place to Live?

If you are considering buying a condo in Montreal, you probably have been considering different neighbourhoods. With its rich, storied history and vibrant culture, Montreal is a city that proves how different life can be from block to block.

In particular, you may have heard that Griffintown is a neighbourhood that is unlike any other. If you have been looking at Griffintown condos, you have a lot more to consider than just price. You will also have to ask yourself what kind of neighbourhood you want to live in. If you are looking for one that is unique and full of great culture, cuisine, and things to do, Griffintown may be the perfect place for your new home. So, what is it that makes Griffintown so unique?

It’s Become the Centre of a Revitalisation

A few years ago, Griffintown was considered a simple or even simplistic neighbourhood. Then it was discovered by an art and culture crowd intent on reshaping this little segment of Montreal. Now, it is burgeoning with culture, art, theatre, cuisine, and more. This rather Bohemian revolution has wonderful results for residents. They now have access to a huge number of art galleries, award-winning restaurants, theatres, and more. In this neighbourhood, you will never be bored. What is more, it is only growing.

Combining New With Old

In Griffintown, you will find buildings that range from ancient factories reimagined as art galleries to ultra-modern retail stores and apartments. It is a combination that is totally unique, and you are unlikely to find it anywhere else — at least not exactly the way you will find it here. In short, there is something for everyone in Griffintown. If you love history or architecture, you will enjoy strolling along the former shipyards, built in the 1850s and now housing art galleries. If your tastes are contemporary, you will love the new restaurants that have sprung up throughout the neighbourhood, exemplifying a chic, modern style.

Providing a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Griffintown is not all about history. It is a perfect place to live a healthy life in the 21st century. The neighbourhood offers dozens of ways to keep healthy and fit, from bike-sharing to healthy, fresh food.

Food is a great attraction in Griffintown. This includes everything from farmers’ markets to trailblazing new restaurants and eateries. You will be able to find food from every culture, including Greece, Turkey, Italy, French, and of course, Canadian. If you are interested in trying vegan or vegetarian cuisine, Olive et Gourmando features a delicious tofu sandwich topped with arugula. But the neighbourhood also provides many ways to help its residents stay active. Taking a bike ride along the Lachine Canal or through Rene Levesque Park. There are also a number of fitness classes available. But the most appealing thing about keeping fit in Griffintown is that there are so many beautiful places to do so. It is one of many things to keep in mind as you look at Griffintowncondos. …

Montreal Real Estate Market Predicts a Rise This 2019

The Montreal real estate market is predicted to grow this year, driven by more people choosing to move to this beautiful city. As one of Canada’s most popular cities with a large French-speaking population, more and more people are relocating to the area in search of jobs and a high quality of life. And it’s not hard to tell why. The easily walkable downtown area combined with a top-quality transit system as well as the European feel of the city make this is an ideal North American destination to live and work in.

The fact that Montreal home prices are expected to exceed those of all other Canadian cities is not a surprise, then. This rise is expected to come in at about 3 percent, which means the Montreal real estate market is currently booming.

One reason for this boom? People are continuing to come to the city to find work. Since more of the population is moving to the city for the jobs, housing demand has increased in the city, which leads to high home prices. The higher demand has also prompted investors to explore residential, commercial, and retail properties to keep up with the growth.

Millennials and Home Ownership

The ageing millennial population is driving the growth in the Montreal real estate market. People ages 25 to 31 are entering into the first-time homebuyer stage, and many in this group want to purchase their homes instead of renting. In addition, Montreal is seeing new immigrants from around the world, including the United States. Many of them are looking for smaller and more affordable housing in place of oversized family homes. This shift in demand is likely to lead to interesting changes in the Montreal real estate market.

Since the growth in the residential real estate market is expected to continue, more young people have started buying houses now, as they assume they may not find a comparable deal down the road. At the same time, the Montreal real estate market is largely a seller’s market, prompting more and more homeowners to sell their properties.

Even as sales have slowed in the Greater Toronto Area and Vancouver, Montreal’s real estate prices continue to spike. Even with higher interest rates, it looks like buyers aren’t going to be slowing down any time soon.

Looking Toward the Future

This is an exciting time in the Montreal real estate market and for the city as a whole. As house and condominium prices boom and more people move to the city, the area is experiencing an era of regrowth and increased economic activity. Montreal is becoming one of the most desirable cities in North America to live in, which will only continue to drive growth in the real estate market. Both potential buyers and sellers would do well to keep a close eye on the Montreal real estate market to determine the best times for them to buy and sell. …

Things You Need to Know Before Making Changes to Your Investment Property

There are several things you can do to boost the value of your property. You can add modifications to the property, improve its energy efficiency, or even change the interior of the property as a way to alter the ambience and interior mood. All of these steps are also worth considering when you are looking for ways to increase your return on an investment property.

It is also worth noting that there are a lot of risks associated with making changes to a property. Before you start choosing the right improvement to make, however, you have to take several things into consideration.

A Thorough Inspection is a Must

Before making any change, big or small, to a property, a thorough inspection of the building is absolutely necessary. This is the one step you don’t want to skip because it can save you a lot of trouble (and money) in the future.

By doing a thorough inspection, you can spot potential problems before they turn into bigger issues that aren’t so easy to solve. When signs of damp walls are seen early, for instance, you know you have a possible plumbing issue. Fixing the issue early allows you to avoid other problems such as mold and cracks.

What’s good about doing a thorough inspection today is that you can have the property checked by professionals for little to no money at all. Many construction companies offer free inspections, while the ones that specialize in doing thorough inspections offer their services at reasonable rates.

Check the Regulations

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but the most common issue with remodeling or improvement projects is the violation of local building laws and construction codes. No matter how well you think you know the regulations, it is always necessary to check the latest rules – especially the ones related to the changes you want to make – before moving forward.

Let’s say you want to install new appliances or add motorized desks to the commercial space you invested in; this should be a straightforward process, shouldn’t it? Well, you still need to comply with regulations regarding electrical equipment and wiring.

As an addition to reading and understanding the regulations yourself, it is also a good idea to find construction companies that know the codes inside out. In the case of adding motorized desks, hire Chicago engineers that understand the Chicago Department of Buildings Electrical Power Connection Requirements properly.

Set a Budget

Lastly, always make sure you have a clear budget in mind. This is the one element that helps determine the scope of your improvement. Calculate the amount you are willing (or can afford) to spend on making the necessary changes, and then plan the project so it stays within budget. Make your budget clear from the beginning as you compare construction companies too.

These are some of the things you need to know about making changes to your investment real estate and how to better plan for them. For more info on how to boost the value of your investments, stay tuned right here on Big Enough Company.…

Tips for Finding Apartment Buildings to Invest In

You’ve got some money in the bank drawing pathetically little interest and you’ve decided to invest it instead. Right now, the stock market is kind of rocky. New home sales are down and the real estate market, as a whole, seems dismal. There is an exception. During this financial crisis, more people are opting to rent apartments than take the next step towards home ownership. If you want to cash in on this growing market, here are some tips for finding apartment buildings to invest in.

The easiest investment opportunity in the rental property market can be ground level, when the building is in the pre-construction phase. This is when the builders need investors to help defray construction costs and those investors while they have to wait a while to see a return, should enjoy a nice reward when the finished building is at full capacity.

Another way is to buy into an older apartment facility that is being renovated. Here again, the group doing the renovations needs cash for the repairs and overhaul and they will cut you in for a share of what the units will bring in once they are upgraded and renting for more money. Occasionally, even well maintained, high-occupancy apartment complexes need an extra influx of cash. Keeping your ear to the ground might help you be the one they turn to, if you can time your approach right.

Of course, you could buy an apartment building outright. This would, however, entail your running it or hiring someone else to do so. As an investment, it can be quite costly multifamily for sale and you’ll be spending a lot more than money to make it turn a profit. I’d steer clear of ownership and be content to let my money work for me. And these are my top three tips for finding apartment buildings to invest in so your money can start earning money!…

Owning Bangkok Property for Fun and Profit

Owninga Bangkok property for a foreign investor is definitely possible. It’s agrowing market with sharply rising prices most years. Foreign buyers can legitimatelypurchase condos but not houses, so buying a property in your name is best.

Making a profit from a real estate investment in Bangkok is doable, but you need to do your homework to buy sensibly first. This is not unlike any other market in the US, UK or Europe. Taking a bit of time with it pays off in the long run.

Buying a Condo in a Prime Location

The first thing that a good real estate agent Bangkok will tell you is to pay attention to what districts and areas are currently sought after. Often, there is a meaningful difference between the locations that foreign buyers are looking at and what well-heeled locals are looking to buy.

Choosing the right condo building in a good location matters in Bangkok. It makes it easier to get around during the daytime when traffic is heavily congested and the heat on the street makes it difficult to walk any distance. Getting a good catchment area where you have shopping centers, local eateries, and other useful facilities within easy distance are very important. This cannot be stressed enough.

What to Consider for Profitable Re-sale?

When thinking about resale value, forget about what you think and put yourself into the mind of the future buyer. Will you be wanting to sell to an expat or a local? That partly determines where you should be buying and what condo building you choose. What’s near to the property that will suit a local more than a foreigner? Is it in a convenient location for your ideal buyer?

For instance, ahigher floor is considered far more desirable than a lower one for Thai people. This doesn’t necessarily mean the penthouse, but higher floors are in demand and sell for better prices.

Consider the amenities too. A communal swimming pool, door security, an elevator,and other features are important. Which company will maintain the property? Do they manage other buildings and how are those owners being treated? Do the research to know what you’re getting into first.

Renting Out the Right Way

If you plan to turn the property into a rental one, check if there’s anything in the paperwork that would prevent this? If it’s a leasehold, what does the lease say about that?

Understand that in Thailand, they’re very against digital apps overtaking local markets. This means that transport services like Uber and Grab, and rental site Airbnb are in dispute because of local laws. For instance, Airbnb is now banned by court order. Short-term lettings through an app are generally not approved and could cause problems. Either rent directly to tenants or use a licensed real estate agent locally to do so. When doing things in the right way and making sure you cover all your bases, property investment in Bangkok can be highly profitable. Get good advice from local firms to avoid difficulties with different laws, customs,and cultural misunderstandings. …