I Wanted a House with More Privacy

I thought I would be happy living in an apartment here in Denver, but I just never could get used to it. I did not like knowing that someone was living right on the other side of my living room wall. Even worse, I did not like to think about my bedroom wall bordering a stranger’s bedroom wall either. I had signed a six month lease on my apartment, but I knew that I would not renew it at the end of the term. I hired a Denver realtor when I had about three months left on my lease.

I figured it could take a while to find a nice home that I liked in every way, so I did not want to wait until the eleventh hour to hire someone to help me. I simply did not have the time to do it on my own, and I knew that I also lacked all of the resources that a realtor familiar with the Denver area would have as well. I figured if the realtor was able to help me find the perfect home even before my lease was up, then it would be worth it to pay on both a mortgage as well as a couple of months on the remainder of my apartment lease.

It worked out in my favor because I did not find anything I liked until I was in the last month of my lease. I was concerned I was irritating the realtor, but he assured me that he wanted me to be completely satisfied as well. The last time he showed me a house, I knew that it was the one. It was charming on the outside with its cottage look, and the inside was a lot bigger than I would have thought, thanks to a finished basement and a loft area over the living room. I love the privacy I have now!